Case No. 16-07207-JMC-7A in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division

The ITT Student Claim Settlement website is now open for updates. Please use the buttons above to update you address, credits, and payment method. If you were not a part of the first distribution on July 27, 2022, please use the website to provide your information. If you were a part of the first distribution and would like to dispute your credits, please email [email protected] with a message containing your noticeid, name, and and explanation of your credit dispute. You must attach transcripts that prove your credits.

NOTICE REGARDING DISTRIBUTIONS OF LESS THAN $10.00: Please take notice that, in accordance with the ITT distribution plan, no distributions of less than $10.00 was made in the distribution on July 27, 2022. Instead, your money was held until the second distribution, when the class has received more money from the ITT trustee and that additional money will be added to your distribution.

You are not being sued.


If you are a former student of ITT Technical Institute or Daniel Webster College (together “ITT”), you may be entitled to money being distributed from ITT’s bankruptcy estate.

 If you received a notice via mail or email, please click here to correct/update your mailing address.


The following are key dates regarding the distribution:

Update Information Deadline January 26, 2024
Second Payment Distribution March 1, 2024